Wow its October.....

So it has been a LONG time since my last post!! School has been so busy! I thought that this year would be easier, and I would have more time since I didn’t have Grad school work. Boy was I wrong! Planning a wedding is hard work! I have found my dress and the reception hall is booked, but there is still sooooooooo much to do. Here are some more pictures of my classroom. Many things are inspired by pinterest. I just can’t get enough of that site! Well enjoy and please leave me comments!
Front door

Close up of front door

Owls and the teachers prayer

See no evil~Hear no evil~Speak no evil

Birthday poster

Behavior chart

Task Cards

Tree house and kitchen area

Rug area

another view of the kitchen/tree house area

Rainbow names

Sparkle word wall

Paper plate scarecrows
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