Christmas in July AGAIN!

Its Christmas in July again! I am putting my WHOLE store on SALE!! Grab some goodies to get the school year started off right!

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I have started this post so many times and deleted it because I didn't think people would want to read it and because I am not looking for pity. Many of my close friends know about my background, but there are people that I work with on a daily basis that don't. I am not going into great detail because it physically hurts to think about my childhood.

I was born in Bosnia in 1985.
Some time in 1992 a civil war broke out in Bosnia. The war was a result of the breaking up of Yugoslavia. My father, uncle and grandfather (along with many other family members) were taken to Omarska, where my father was killed. My uncle and grandfather were liberated and sent to the United States.

In September of 1993 my mother, sister, aunt and grandmother and I came to the States. The process of leaving the country was dangerous and long.

The first memory I have of America is the Statue of Liberty, the second is the stocked pantry at my uncles house. I ate bananas until I was ill. 

My mother quickly had my sister and I signed up for school, she didn't want us to miss any more education. I was put into a classroom where I didn't speak the language, and the teacher didn't speak/understand my native language. We managed, I drew pictures, she was kind, patient and amazing. Mrs. Hemmings made school a safe and happy place for me. I flourished in school and went from transition to third grade. I became a teacher because of the amazing teachers I had growing up. I am lucky enough to teach in the school corporation where I was taught.

In 2007 my fathers remains were found in a mass grave with many other bodies. My sister and I had given blood on several occasions so that our DNA could be used to find him.
2007 was the first time I went back to Bosnia. It was a strange/difficult 6 weeks. Bodies/mass graves are still being found to this day.

This week I will be going back again, to visit family, my fathers grave and meet new family members (loads of new baby cousins).

The Blog, FB page and IG will be quiet for the next few weeks. I hope that you continue to follow my page. I have lots of things planned for the next school year.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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Christmas in July SALE

Brrrr the weather has really cooled off in Indiana this week. Last night it was in the fifties and this morning I had to wear a jacket (a JACKET in JULY) to go to work!?! I am still trying to wrap my mind around it!

Well some awesome Indiana Bloggers thought it would be the PERFECT time to have a Christmas in July DOLLAR SALE!! Now you can get all those things you need to have a successful school year and you can get them on SALE!!

I am featuring some of my newest products.

                              Letter and Sound Puzzles make a quick and FUN literacy center!
Healthy Foods Write the Room is another quick literacy center that my kiddos LOVE!
Ice Cream Counting Mats is a great math center that keeps the kiddos engaged and learning.
The Colorful Stripe Word Wall is a great addition to any classroom.
I hope you find many items that will be useful in your classroom!
Please follow my blog, TpT store and Facebook page!
Check out all of the great deals below!!

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July Fun and Free

I am so excited to participate in my first Fun and Free Facebook Hop! There are SO MANY FREEBIES! I hope that you find some useful thing for the next school year!

Click HERE to go to my Facebook page and start the hop!

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Markdown Monday

There are only 4 more weeks of summer break left.....wait, what?!?

This summer has gone by so quickly! I have been busy working at my parents café almost daily and going to the gym to get a little healthier. The café has been counteracting the gym!

 This week for Markdown Monday I am featuring my Ice Cream Counting Mats. This is a fun, hands on math center that my kindergarteners LOVE! Its on sale for just ONE dollar this week!

 Check it out and enjoy the rest of your summer break!

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Markdown Monday

Excited to link up with Kelly and Kim's Kreations for Markdown Monday again!

This week I am featuring my Buzzy Bee Letter Matching Mats. It's perfect for the beginning of the year. 

Students match upper case and lower case letters. This activity can be done in a literacy center or as a whole group in a large pocket chart where each child has a letter or flower. 

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July Currently

Super excited to link up with Farley at  Oh Boy 4th Grade for the July Currently!
This is my first time and I am excited!

Listening: I love just sitting and reading and listening to the sounds around our neighborhood. The pup likes to bark at all of them!

Loving: Getting to spend extra time with my parents and sisters. I get to have coffee with my mom almost every day! She is my BFF! Also hubby is on days now so I actually get to see him!

Thinking: What am I going to pack for Europe?? Last time I WAAAYYY over packed and had to pay the bag/weight fee. :(  I am so excited for two weeks of Bosnia (my homeland), Serbia and France.

Wanting: A magical fairy to come clean my house. We have too much stuff, our house is tiny!

Needing: Some more motivation to get healthy/active/fit/not die from the sugars. I've been doing well but I KNOW I can do better!

4th Plans: Grill, swim, eat, repeat! I am looking forward to spending time with my family and just relaxing!

What are you up to? Come Link up!!

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