Things we have worked on

Here are some things that we have been working on.
The green feast that our classroom Leprechaun left us. We enjoyed Leprechaun punch, green grapes, green Oreos, mushy green goop, and “gold” chips.

We learned about the Rainbow and did a color review. I can’t remember where I saw these hats, I know it was somewhere on Pinterest. I adapted them to work for my kiddos.

The Easter bunnies are inspired by Cara Carroll. She is simply amazing! I hope to be half as creative as her someday!  Her blog “The First Grade Parade” is wonderful! Lots of cute ideas and freebies! I purchased her Camping Capers unit on TPT and its great! I had to adapt some of the items for my Kinders.  

The chicks are something I saw on Pintrest, they were quick and easy and the kids LOVED them.

We also learned about plants. We made sunflowers to go with the story “Sunflower House”.


WoW 28 days to go!!

Well I know that I wrote that I would post more often but obviously that didn’t happen. I am not going to apologize for it! I probably sound like a big meanie (hey I teach kindergarten), but we all know and understand how busy our lives are. I have the best intentions of posting daily but so much “stuff”keeps me busy. Ok, my rant is over!

The new restaurant is OPEN! Delish CafĂ© is my parent’s new restaurant, this is their second restaurant and they are so excited about it. My favorite part of the new restaurant is the menu because I was able to add to it! I am a foodie through and through. I LOVE food, I will try anything once! I look forward to adding many more new items to the menu!
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On a side note I have started posting on TPT. If you don’t know what TPT (Teachers Pay Teachers) is you are missing out my friend. There are tons of wonderful units that are ready to use in your classroom. I have spent more money than I would like to admit on TPT, but I have been VERY happy with all of my purchases. My items don’t have a lot of pizzazz but they are things that I use in my own classroom. I am still learning and I am excited to start this new journey.
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