Hello...sorry its been soooooo long!!

WOW!! Has it really been a month since I last posted? It has been one crazy/busy August! I was finally able to move into my new classroom around August 9th and school started on the 16th. I was very worried that I wouldn’t be able to finish (several other teachers who stopped by my room were also worried!) and the classroom still isn’t complete. There are still lots of little things that I need to do!! Here are some BEFORE pictures, notice how much work I have ahead of me!!


This is what it looks like from the door.

Rug area.

Rug area.


View from the rug area.

Storage room/office.

My new room is HUGE!! I love it!! The AFTER pictures will be posted later today, I am on my way back to school to finish up some of those “little things”!!

Google for Educators

Did you know that there is a Google for Educators? Well I did not, and while aimlessly cruising the internet I came across Google for Educators. Its great! There are tools for your classroom, classroom activities, classroom posters and even a teacher community! I love Google and this just made me love them even more!

On another note, I spent three hours in my classroom today and I feel overwhelmed and worried that everything will not be ready! Can the classroom fairy come and set up my room .....please...pretty please!!

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