February wrap up!

February is coming to an end. Usually February is my favorite month (it's my birthday month)! This year however I just wanted it to be over. This winter has dragged on for what it seems like forever. We have more snow in the forecast :(
Here are some things we made this month.
We made love robots and wrote about what/who we love. The robot template will be available in my TpT store soon. I know it's late but hopefully it can be used next year.
I took pictures of my kiddos and used the app AgingBooth to make them look like they are 100. They wrote about what they would do when they were 100. My favorite was "get buried"!
Hopefully spring will be here soon, I can't take much more of this winter!!
We made some adorable groundhogs and wrote groundhog facts.
Our love robots 
When I am 100 years old......
AgingBooth App

Foodie Friday and our Presidents Day Book

For Foodie Friday this week we made George Washington. I was inspired by Family Fun magazine. They had the cutest George Washington and Abraham Lincoln cookies. I was worried that my kiddos would have a hard time with such small materials so I changed it up.
We used graham crackers, marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, vanilla icing and blue M&Ms.
                        Here is their version.
Here is our version.
Our book came from the amazing Mrs. Ricca go check out her blog! This was a FREEBIE!/


Is it spring yet??

This winter seems like it's never going to end. I don't ever remember having so many delays or snow days.
We have been playing catch up this week. Here are some pictures from our 100th Day of school and Valentine's Day.
We dressed up like we were 100. There were several people in the building that didn't recognize me!!
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