Terrific Tuesday

We are on a different schedule this week due to I-STEP testing. My kids are not adjusting well, lots of fighting, tattling and talking. The crazy weather we have had in Indiana isn’t helping much either. One day we have a snow storm and the next day its 60 degrees. I think we ALL have spring fever.
Here are some things we made last week and today. Thing 1 and Thing 2 and The Lorax, the kids loved it. Many of my students had already watched The Lorax and quoted the movie during our project. I free handed the Lorax pieces and then my students cut them out. It was easy. I saw so many cute little Loraxs on Pintrest I just knew we had to make some.
The Thing 1 and Thing 2 Glyph was fun and so easy. I found

Ummm Hello

I am a bad, bad blogger! Life has been very hectic lately! My parents and I sold our restaurant and are in the process of opening a new one. The wedding is just 7 months away (OMG). I feel like take one step forward and two steps back every day. I just noticed that I have 10 followers! Two of them are coworkers so that doesn’t really count does it?
I cannot believe that there are only 53 days of school left!?!? This year has just flown by.
Here are some pictures of things we have been working on.

                                           George Washington

                                                            Abraham Lincoln

                                                                            Bald Eagle


It was VERY loud!

Thats all for now. I will be back soon! :)


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