Dare to Dream

 I am linking up with Third in Hollywood for the TPT Seller Challenge Week 2-DARE TO DREAM!

Here are some of my dreams/goals/plans.

Travel more.- I have been blessed to travel around the US and a little in Europe. I want to see more of the world. I want to try new foods, see new places and meet new people.  

Find a building for my boutique.- I have an online boutique and I would love to have an actual building where I can display the clothing and have a bigger inventory.

Write a children's book.- I have so many ideas for children's books but I don't really know that process of publishing a story. I would love to see one of my ideas come to life.

Have a baby.- I am ready to become a mommy. I have the baby fever BAD!!

Head over to Third in Hollywood and link up!!
What are your dreams/goals/plans?

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  1. So I just figured out on your Instagram that I went to ISU and was in the Elementary Ed. program at the same time as you and had to check out your blog! It's great! I'm just getting into the blogging world (because of the TPT Seller Challenge!) and I'm loving it so far :) I'll definitely be checking yours out again!

    Brittany Shannon

  2. WRITE A CHILDREN'S BOOK!? I'd like to be your first buyer :) I'm obsessed with children's lit. I'll be looking for yours shortly ;)

  3. You will be a great mommy! And I can't wait until you open up a boutique! 😘

  4. What is your boutique called? Is it on IG? I would love to check it out! I also want to write a children's book. I have some ideas and have already started one, but am not close to finishing. I'd like it to be a series. I'd love to read your book once you write it!! :)


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