Building Blocks - Week 1 - Meet The Teacher

I am so excited to link up with some awesome bloggers for The Building Blocks of B2S hosted by the amazing Mrs. D's Corner.


For this "Meet the Teacher" post I am going to introduce or reintroduce myself a little. This year will be my 7th year teaching and my 7th year in kindergarten. I love the little ones so much. They keep me on my toes and teach me so much.
I was born in Bosnia and immigrated to the US in 1993. I knew that I wanted to teach after my teachers took such an interest in my success in school and life. They truly cared about me.
I have a mini doxie,he is my baby. I'm sure he thinks he is a person.

When I am not teaching or creating TpT products I woke at my parents cafe. This picture is from the grand opening of their second location.

One of the things that I LOVE doing with my students is Foodie Friday. We make a snack based on our weekly theme. 

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better! Anything else you want to know?


  1. Foodie Friday sounds like so much fun! I might have to borrow that idea for my classroom this year. What a fun way to end the week on a positive note! :)


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