Well after reading and stalking a ton of blogs I think that it is time to start my own! This is a learning process, and I love to learn and try new things! This blog will be about random parts of my life, teaching kindergarten, planning a wedding, completing my masters, learning how to be a "grown-up", cooking and whatever else I think is important!

I saw this on online and thought it would be a good way to introduce myself to the blog world.

The ABC's of me
A-age- 26
B-bed size -Queen
C-chore you hate- washing dishes
D-dogs -Walle, Beagle
E-essential to start your day- food!
F-favorite color -all shades of purple
G-gold or silver- silver
H-height -5"4
I-instruments you play -Chello
J-job title- Kindergarten teacher
K-kids -No, My students
L-live- Indiana
M-mom's name -Senka
N-nickname- Babe
O-overnight hospital stay -knee surgery, appendix, gall bladder
P-pet peeve- two faced people or people that lie
Q-quote from a movie- Phil: "Whose baby is that?" Alan : "Check its collar or something."-Hangover
R-righty/lefty- righty
S-siblings -Three younger sisters
T-time you wake up- 6:00 am
U-underwear- umm, yes
V-veggies you dislike- cooked carrots, I love fresh ones tho
W-what makes you run late- I forget where I put things, keys, purse, car…
X-x-rays you have had- dental, knee, ribs, head, all over I am falling apart lol
Y-yummy food you make- peanut butter pie, turtle brownies, Sloppy Joe pizza
Z-zoo animal- giraffe

My fiancé Daniel and me

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