Linking up with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for Currently February.

Listening- To the snow falling outside, there was such a big debate on how much would fall and if it would be just rain. Crazy Indiana weather cant make up its mind!
Loving-The AMAZING Star Wars cookies I bought for my hubby! Yesterday was his 30th and we couldn't even celebrate because I was so so sick. I know he loved the cookies and we plan on celebrating in a few weeks.
Thinking-I need to finish up the half finished February TpT products. I have about 10 products started. I get excited then lose interest then get excited again. I am worse than my kinders.
Wanting- A SNOW DAY!!! Enough said.....
Needing-A big cup of coffee.
Pageant Title- Miss No Sugar Coating, I just tell it how it is!
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  1. Maja! I want a snow day too! Please keep me in your prayers tonight! :) xoxo
    Melissa from Mrs. Dailey's Classroom

    1. Get better soon Melissa!! My fever broke last night!! I am praying for a snow day for the both of us!!

  2. Woah! Those cookies are super awesome! Love them, haha.
    I hope you get that snow day!

    The Kinder Garden

    1. Thank you! Not only are they adorable they are also SO yummy!!

  3. ha! amazing cookies!! and I love your pageant title..lol.

    1. I have a hard time not being a realist, it gets me in trouble! :)

  4. We have yet to have a snow day this year!! Just one would be nice. Every time it snows we only get about 1-2 inches. Those cookies are awesome!!! I'm not sure I could eat them!!


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