Here is the Bulletin Board that we made for the end of the year. The kids painted paper plates in their skin tones then they added the graduation caps and facial features, they had a lot of fun putting these together.

We had a graduation party in our classroom. A good friend came to my classroom and made graduation caps for all of the kiddos, they loved the caps so much they wanted to wear them weeks before the party! We practiced some graduation songs and poems and then invited families to come and celebrate with us. I was so happy to see so many parents and grandparents come to our graduation party.
After the kids did the songs and poems, I gave them each a “diploma”, a book, and a poem and picture thing that I made. I took a picture of them on the first day of school and the last day of school and then put those pictures side by side with a sweet little poem to show them how much they have grown in just one short year!


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