Catching Up!!

Since I recently started posting again I thought I would share some of the things that my class made last school year.
The first set of pictures is from a mural that my classroom and two other kindergarten rooms made for Fine Arts Night. Fine Arts Night is an even when families can come to school and see all of the creative things that our students do.
Our mural is based on the book “Its Spring” by Samantha Berger. It’s a fun, easy leveled reader that my kids love! Each class made a set of animals and then the students wrote out the story on sentence strips.  We put the story up on the mural so that you could walk, and read the story. It like having a giant picture book, the students and parents LOVED it!!

For Valentine’s Day we made “Hogs and Kisses” and also Bees (Bee Mine!).

Around Christmas time we made Christmas Light Names, Santa’s Reindeer (each student named theirs) and Elves.

For our Fall Festival my class decided to decorate our pumpkin like a spider. It came out so cute!! I just wish I would have used a Styrofoam pumpkin so that it would have lasted forever!!

I LOVE to bake; these are the cupcakes that I made for my coworkers for the first day of school. What should I make this year??
That was just SOME of the fun stuff we did last year!

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