14 Days Until School Starts

There are about 14 days left until school starts and I don’t even know where to start in my new room. As I wrote before I have so much stuff that I don’t know where it all came from. I went to Target yesterday and I found a few goodies to help me organize my stuff. I found bins that I will use to hold weekly materials and lesson plans and I found magnets and other stuff that I didn’t really need, I just wanted it.
I have one week of summer school left then one week to hopefully set up my classroom. I am so excited I have quite a few of my soon to be students in my summer school class and its great getting to know them a little better before school starts. Now if only I could get them to stop calling me Mrs. Teacher! They are so funny!
Here is a great sight word activity I found while Blog Stalking. Rainbow Sight Words, this would be a great center activity.

This great idea came from Kindergarten Lesson Plans.

I guess I would accomplish a lot more if I logged off the computer. But that isn’t going to happen because Daniel is at work and it’s WAY too hot and humid to do any yard work, so I will stay plugged in and Blog Stalk a little longer!

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