New Classroom! New Blogs!

This will be my third year teaching and it will be my third classroom move. I am excited about the move this year! I am moving into a larger kindergarten room and I will be right across the hall from the library!! I also get to teach with a wonderful teacher who always has great ideas!
As I am going through all of my things I am wondering WHERE did all this stuff come from?? I have soooo much stuff; I am embarrassed to even post the pictures for fear of having the Hoarders camera crew show up at my classroom door. My biggest weakness is children’s books. I just can’t get enough of them. I am constantly buying books and I don’t even know what I have. For example today I was looking through my books and came across 3 copies of the same book. I gave two away to my summer school kiddos because I don’t need 3!! I am working on improving my organizational skills before/as I move into the new room.

Here is another super cute blog that I stumbled across(the owls are soooooo sweet) A Teeny Tiny Teacher. So many cute ideas and a few freebies. I LOVE freebies.

Learning with Mrs. Parker is another blog that I found the “A Yard of Me” is cute and would be something nice to hang in your classroom on Parent Night and Open House.  It’s an easy way for parents to get to know you a little better.

Happy Blogging!!

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